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Ardene Solaris

Ardene Solaris

About "Ardene Solaris" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2021

“Solaris” means “sun” in French. The sun is the source of light and life and the source of life. Based on this idea, Solaris was created using the latest technologies and concerns of today’s people… The companionship and friendship of technology in health products and sunscreens has created a pure originality with the support of 40 years of knowledge of Pars Hayan.

An originality that can be a reminder of nature and vitality for humans in the age of modernity. Taking advantage of natural and lasting beauty, Solaris has revived the idea of friendship and skin protection with technology once again, which has brought us comfort by producing water-based products in today’s modern world.

Solaris products are produced in the formats of lotion, cream, gel and compatible with any skin type. These products keep the skin pores open for more breathing and a better sense of lightness and will have the least chance of skin irritation. One of the main causes of skin damage is sun rays, which is caused by frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays and is the cause of 80% of aging and skin cancer.

This process is known as photoaging. Our extensive research and specialized formulas focus on the skin’s most fundamental habits and anti-aging and damage-fighting strategies: protecting against the harmful effects of the sun, repairing existing damage, and correcting the visible signs of aging.

Sunscreens have always been one of the important products in the skin care line, but with the advancement of technology and the improvement of consumer expectations, there was always a lack of products that could be used under different conditions. For example, normal sunscreens could not be used on wet skin, or for the area around the eyes, a special sunscreen should be used for this area.

Therefore, in order to respond to this need and improve the quality of sun care products, Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company formulated and launched the fifth generation of Arden sunscreens under the Arden Solaris brand. Our products are produced in collaboration with dermatologists.

We know that surfers, mountain bikers, runners, beach volleyball players, snowboarders and skiers need specialized sunscreens, and parents are looking for the highest quality product to protect their children’s skin from the sun. That is why it has been part of our philosophy in creating the Arden Solaris brand to ensure that the products are completely water resistant and have a high sun protection factor, will not cause irritation to your eyes and will not irritate your eyes. Can be used on wet skin.

The very light formula of Arden Souris is also suitable for sensitive and eczema skin and is produced with effective ingredients compatible with all skin types.