Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company, ” The Top Producer Chosen “ by The Iranian Pharmacists Association    |    Appreciated as the ” Responsible Supplier “ by the international companies    |    Appreciated as the ” highest degree of success in entrepreneurship “ in Malaysia Entrepreneurship Conference

Quality Control and Assurance

Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company has comprehensive insights into the quality and initiates it from the point which identifies the needs and demands of the consumer. The company believes that quality should be taken into consideration in all the processes ranging from material supply and even supplier identification to manufacture, storage, sales process, distribution and ultimately after-sales service.

Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company takes account of the health and safety of products in all processes in a comprehensive and integrated manner and has been awarded the Golden Prize of Healthy and Safe Products in this regard for consecutive years which is a spectacular accomplishment.

Pars Hayan Company is the first and sole manufacturer of cosmeceutical products equipped with a reference quality control laboratory which is recognized by the Iranian Ministry of Health as an advanced well-equipped analytical laboratory.

Furthermore, Pars Hayan’s interactions with major international companies and custom-manufacturing their products in the country has led to the exchange and transfer of the knowledge, learning and promotion of the quality and standards.