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Pars Hayan at a glance

Pars Hayan pharmaceutical company is an industrial group in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics sectors with more than 40 years of history, founded by two renowned scientists, researchers and professors of France and Iran universities, Dr. Roghayeh Galoobandi and Dr. Zahra Galoobandi in 1982. The company is well-known for its innovation, quality, entrepreneurship and social responsibility and supply more than 1000 products through 14 brands and sub brands to Iranian consumers and also in Russia, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Oman and Armenia. The principal business areas of this company are as follows:

  1. Personal Care Products: Such as a variety of shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, soaps, toothpastes, moisturizing creams, sunscreens, etc.
  2. Cosmeceutical Products: The special range of products which are prescribed by doctors, for instance, anti-hair loss shampoos, professional sunscreens, dry and eczema prone skin products, oily skin products and skin brightening products.
  3. Pharmaceutical and Supplements: Manufacturing nutritional and natural supplements with especially innovative formulas is one of the highest achievements of Pars Hayan.
  4. Professional Products: Skin and hair care products to fit special related routines for use in Beauty salons.
  5. Home Care: Air fresheners and surface cleaning products
  6. Strategic Cooperation with Multinational Companies: Pars Hayan Factory is currently manufacturing products for a number of world-class brands in Iran.
  7. Logistics Business: The company enjoys a modern and well-equipped cross-docking system in Iran and is capable of distributing products across the entire country.

The most significant accomplishments and key numbers of the company include:

  • The 1st rank of healthy and safe products: Winning the valid golden prize for manufacturing safe and healthy products for numerous years
  • The 1st rank of export: The golden prize for the best national and provincial exporter for numerous years
  • The 1st rank of technology: Expansive activity in nano-technology and winning a myriad of prizes and registering products in the world nano data bank
  • Pioneering entrepreneurship: The implementation of different businesses and job creation ( Appreciated as the ” highest degree of success in entrepreneurship “ in Malaysia Entrepreneurship Conference )
  • Pioneering social responsibility: Highly active in launching campaigns to fight skin cancer, nursing patients suffering from dry skin and eczema, environmental campaigns for water and paper conservation and supporting gifted students in deprived areas.
  • Pioneering international cooperation: Signing massive contracts with major international companies for contract manufacturing and strategic cooperation ( Appreciated as the ” Responsible Supplier “ by the international companies )