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About "Fulica" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2016

Fulica is a specialized hair and scalp health care brand of Pars Hayan Company, which entered the market in 2016 after years of research and passing strict tests.

The unique variety of Fulica products with their therapeutic and specialized applications to solve all kinds of hair care concerns quickly turned this brand into one of the most popular brands among consumers, doctors, and dermatologists and hair specialists.

All kinds of specialized shampoos for oily, dry, dandruff, shedding, dyed, oily, dry and sensitive scalp, etc., along with all kinds of softeners, balms, serums and masks inside and outside the bathroom, non-soap pens and skin cleansers. Face and body and… make up Fulica products.

Fulica products have been able to gain the trust of consumers with the high quality of their products by fully complying with international standards such as ISO9001 and OHSAS1800, the use of medicinal and useful plant extracts and the absence of chemicals and carcinogens in their compositions. In all the years of its activity, Fulica brand has always made the development and introduction of new and specialized products based on the needs of consumers its top priority, and in this regard, it has launched a group of new products on the market.

Among them, we can include Fulica Original product group (hair strengthening and sulfate-free products), Fulica Colorboost (anti-yellowing hair products, for brown, blonde and red dyed hair), Fulica RX (specialized and prescribed hair care products) and Fuliplex ( professional and salon hair care products) mentioned that all of them were launched in 2019.