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Hydroderm CBD


About "Hydroderm CBD" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2021

The group of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving products, Pseudo CBD Hydroderm based on copaiba plant extract, can be used to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, wounds and burns, severe skin dryness and eczema at different ages.

It is expected that these products, as the first group of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory products with completely natural roots in Iran, will find a wider use with their many benefits and diverse functions. Pseudo CBD products have the potential to be used for several generations and have wide and long-term use as the best solution for relieving and healing pain and inflammation and solving various health problems.

Hydroderm’s Pseudo CBD product group with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, are pain relievers with herbal and natural roots, without the side effects and common problems of chemical pain relievers, topically and without entering the blood stream, providing quick relief and increasing pain tolerance. and helps to heal wounds and inflammation.

Our vision is that this group of products has become an integral part of the medical and health basket of Iranian families, and in the first aid box of every family, you can find Hydroderm Pseudo CBD products.