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About "Nutrax" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2018

Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company, as one of the leaders in the Middle East in the field of cosmetics and health products, plays the main role in improving the level of access of consumers to these products.

Pars Hayan laboratories in order to improve the health status of the society, more than 400 various medical products and It has produced personal care products that are able to compete in the international market.

Nutrax was designed and produced as a group of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements in 2018 with the aim of meeting the growing needs of consumers who have a more professional and scientific view of pharmaceutical and supplement products.

With their high quality, this group of products is a good competitor for similar foreign products, and in terms of shape, packaging and variety of products, they are at a high level of standard.