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CSR Position in ZiWi Brand

Investing responsibly in environmental areas

The importance of sustainability along with social responsibility programs is one of the environmental issues which has attracted more attention from planners. Environmental issues and climate change particularly the global warming have come into such prominence which made them be proposed as international topics in 2015. The policies regarding this category is narrowly focused in Iran as well.

Paying attention to the environment has proceeded to the point where industrial and manufacturing establishments concentrate on them as part of the social responsibility program. In manufacturing policies of ZiWi Brand, in addition to focusing on corporate social responsibility in preparation of raw materials, manufacturing process and waste management, supporting the environment in the marketing and sales phase in the form of social marketing has been put on the agenda with the following targets:

  • The effectiveness on individual and social welfare
  • The effectiveness on individuals’ behavioral aspects
  • Voluntary behavioral change utilizing the customer orientation approach
  • Encouraging people to purchase products along with taking part in supporting the environment