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Ardene Baby

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Ardene Baby

About "Ardene Baby" Brand of Pars Hayan

Release year:  1991

Ardene brand started its work as one of the big brands of Pari Hayyan pharmaceutical company in 1370 by producing Iranian sunscreens according to the world standards. This move was the beginning of creating a culture of using sunscreen for everyone, including men and children in Iran. After that, “Ardene” started producing more specialized and creative products to meet the needs of all age groups and genders, and now it is known as the oldest and most reliable brand of health and skin care products in the market.

Ardene’s line of skin and hair care products for babies and children includes 8 specialized products, one of the most popular products for babies and children in Iran, which is known as “Ardene Baby”.

  • Ardene baby shampoo containing chamomile extract
  • Ardene creamy herbal baby soap
  • Fish liver oil anti-burn cream
  • Children’s sunscreen lotion SPF 30
  • Ardene baby cleansing lotion
  • Ardene baby foot protection cream
  • Ardene baby moisturizing cream
  • Ardene baby head and body shampoo