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Ardene Herba Sense

Ardene Herba Sense

About "Ardene Herba Sense" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2011

Arden Herba Sense includes a group of skin and hair care products with plant origin and using essential and natural oils, which entered the market in 1390 as one of the subcategories of the well-known and long-standing Arden brand.

Arden Herba Sence hair and skin care products, by using natural and herbal compounds with protective, restorative and nourishing properties of skin and hair, promotion of personal health, vitality and freshness of skin and hair, has made the importance of natural beauty and general health of the society its goal. Arden Herba Sence products include hand and face soaps, washing liquid, shampoos, hair masks, hair creams, eyebrow strengthening serums, and hand, face, and body moisturizing creams.