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About "AreUok?!" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2023

Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company as the pioneer in skin & personal care products, has manufactured “AreUok?!” products for young generation which are introduced and launched in 2023.

Nowadays complicated life not only causes time limitation, but also affects how people act toward themselves both physically and mentally. Fast-paced world can often lead to the lack of taking time to yourself into consideration such as workouts and self-care. Meanwhile, beauty and maintaining skin in acceptable condition is crucially substantial for youngsters to keep calm, have self-appreciation, confidence and feel acceptable in the society.

Since it is fundamental to apply effortless, handy, beneficial and nutrimental products to take care of skin specially in young people, AreUok?! consisting of affordable, explicit, straightforward and easy to use products are made for everyone specially to withdraw the attention of young generation. The light unique ingredients mixed with pleasant and calming natural scents simply represent adequacy, admiration and wellness.