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Hydroderm Baby

Hydroderm Baby

About "Hydroderm Baby" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2015

Hydroderm brand, as one of the prominent and leading brands in the cosmetics industry, started producing and supplying its products in 2016.

The existence philosophy of the Hydroderm brand, which is based on strong hydration of all types of skin and hair, along with the high quality and variety of products and its adaptation to the needs of consumers, made this brand in the category of first-class cosmetic and health brands and at the same level as prominent foreign brands. to be placed So that it is now known as one of the big leaders of the cosmetics industry in Iran and the Middle East.

As can be seen from the main slogan of the brand, “The best skin and hair moisturizers”, a large part of Hydroderm’s diverse products are products such as hydrating and moisturizing creams, masks and gels.

The name Hydroderm consists of two words Hydro meaning Hydration and Derm meaning the middle layer of the skin and it has this concept for the consumer who uses specialized products with strong hydration properties.

All products and sub-brands of Hydroderm have this main feature, i.e. hydration, along with other unique features, and are prepared with a specialized formulation.

With a correct and accurate understanding of the skin and beauty needs of its audience, Hydroderm gradually introduced a variety of sunscreens, restoratives, anti-boil and anti-inflammatory products, anti-aging skin products, fragrances, disinfectants, special products for women, children and men under the names of Hydroderm Lady. has launched Hydroderm Baby and Hydroderm Men.

In line with its mission of taking care of the skin of all family members, the Hydroderm brand established the specialized Hydroderm Baby sub-brand in 2014 with the concern of meeting the needs of sensitive and delicate skin and hair of babies and children.

Hydroderm Baby includes a variety of shampoos and head and body washes, moisturizing creams and lotions, sunscreen creams and sprays, foot creams and anti-urine burns for babies, and creams that remove the greasy scalp of babies.

The completely specialized and very gentle formulation of these products and the absence of essential oils, alcohol and parabens in them has made Hydroderm Baby products one of the most popular baby care brands in Iran.