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Hydroderm Septizone

Hydroderm Septizone

About "Hydroderm Septizone" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2021

With more than forty years of effort, Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company has proven its deep commitment to improving the health, health and safety of consumers and future generations.

With the spread of the corona pandemic and in order to take care of people’s health, in 2019, Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company, with the help of researchers, experienced specialists and its unique laboratory, launched a new line of health and skin care products with antibacterial and antiseptic properties under the title Produced and marketed Septizone brand.

This disinfectant line includes 6 groups of detergents, moisturizers, healers and protectors for the skin of the face and body, which in addition to removing objects, strengthen the skin’s defense barrier and protect it against all kinds of bacteria and viruses and adverse environmental factors. It protects against air pollution and free radicals. It should be noted that Septizone skin healing and protective cream can be used even for children and babies.