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CSR Position in Ardene Sebuma Brand

Increasing training abilities in the field of greasy skin and hair

Sebuma attempts to build effective links between Pars Hayan Company and medical universities. This interaction could play a crucial role in economic growth and scientific empowerment which leads to rendering professional services to patients with greasy skin and hair by the company and the universities. Moreover, the educational empowerment in the skin and hair field for high school students who are more involved with it due to the puberty period is one of the most considerable measures of Sebuma Brand.

Currently, this measure is taken in collaboration with community centers and schools aiming at the following goals:

  • More effective need assessment and preparation of educational programs fitting teenagers age and gender group
  • Implementation of dynamic and interactive programs for teenagers
  • Nurturing homogenous teenagers in a way to enable them to transfer the educational context to their homogenous groups
  • Provision of greasy skin care products particularly in vulnerable areas