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Ardene Atopia
Ardene Atopia

About "Ardene Atopia" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2018

Ardene Atopia is the result of years of research and effort of Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company to meet the needs of children and adults with skin problems such as inflammation, dry skin and eczema.

Adhering to the highest quality levels and global standards in the field of skin treatment, Utopia was produced and sold in 2017 as one of the subcategories of the long-standing and large brand “Ardene”.

Ardene Atopia products are based on a formulation enriched with a complex of natural skin moisturizing factors, along with ingredients containing 100% pharmaceutical Farm grade, without any essential oils and preservatives, with high tolerance and can be used in all seasons of the year.

These products have been specially marketed for dry and very dry, dry and sensitive, very dry and eczema skin. Arden Utopia includes three product lines: Dry Relief (Dry Relief) is produced and supplied for dry and very dry skin to provide long-term moisture needed by the skin and protect the skin against harmful factors. Special for dry and sensitive skin, SensiPro protects the skin from external damaging factors by providing moisture and creating a protective layer on dry and sensitive skin, reducing inflammation caused by dryness and redness of the skin. Gives and causes quick healing of irritated and sensitive skin and restores it.

These products are easy to spread, do not contain color or essence, and are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

EczoPro can be used for very dry and eczema skin for children over 3 months and adults with eczema or prone to eczema. These products are hypoallergenic and have high tolerance and are suitable for use in all seasons of the year.