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About "Ardene" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  1991

As the first group of specialized health and skin care products in Iran, Ardene started its work in 1370 with the production of the first Iranian sunscreens, in accordance with the standards of the world. This move was the beginning of creating a culture of using sunscreen for everyone including men and children in Iran.

The Ardene brand was created for consumers who at that time had a more professional and scientific view of skin care and treatment. After that, “Ardene” started producing more specialized and creative products to meet the needs of all age and gender groups, and now it is known as the oldest and most reliable brand of health and skin care products in the Iranian market.

“Ardene” currently has a complete group of specialized cosmetics and skin and hair care products with 10 sub-category brands and has been able to adequately meet the health needs of its consumers.

Antiquity and authenticity, the importance of maintaining the health of each member of the family, the continuous improvement of product quality, the value of customers, honesty, simplicity and the production of new products according to the skin type and gender of consumers are part of the main values of the “Ardene” brand.

Ardene’s mission is to meet health needs, design and produce health and hair and skin care products with the highest quality for all family members and at a reasonable price, which results in consumers’ trust in Iranian products.

Ardene plans to become Iran’s largest health brand in terms of variety, amount of goods and market share and to be the first producer of new health products in line with global trends.