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Ardene Regenex

Ardene Regenex

About "Ardene Regenex" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2019

Ardene was designed and produced as the first group of specialized health and skin care products in Iran in 1370 with the aim of meeting the growing needs of consumers who had a more professional and scientific view of health and skin care.

Currently, Ardene, as the most reliable brand of health and skin care products, has created a complete coverage of the various needs of the Iranian society, the purpose of this brand is to respond to the growing needs of consumers who have a more professional and scientific view of health care and skin treatment. In this regard, Arden’s big brand has started working with two special products for layer removal in 2018.

The main purpose of the products in this brand is to remove layers and stimulate the production of new cells in the surface layers of the skin, along with maintaining the hydrolipidic balance, controlling possible inflammation and antioxidant effects. Chemical gelling is one of the methods of relative restoration and treatment of ginseng and yeast wrinkles, in which a layer is removed from the yeast using keratolytic substances. Currently, Ardene Regenex has two products with very special formulations, including 15% alpha hydroxy acid gel and 25% alpha hydroxy acid cream.