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Ardene Sebuma

Ardene Sebuma

About "Ardene Sebuma" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2018

ParsHayan Laboratory, as a leading unit in the preparation and production of therapeutic and auxiliary therapeutic products, designed and produced the “Arden Sebuma” product group in 2018 in order to meet the needs of consumers with “oily and acne-prone skin”.

Relying on the knowledge and more than 30 years of experience of Pars Hayan and Arden’s big brand in the production of various and specialized skin care compounds has made the design of this brand pay attention to all the needs of oily and acne-prone skin.

This strong and successful support, along with the knowledge of dermatologists, has led to the production of products that include face and body washes, maintaining and improving skin hydration, and helping to treat skin acne. Arden Sebuma skin care products are specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin and are suitable for controlling and treating skin problems caused by excessive sebum secretion, such as pimples and acne.