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Bio Marine

Bio Marine

About "Bio Marine" Brand of Pars Hayan

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Release year:  2016

One of the secrets and wonders of the sea is the unique plants hidden in it. The use of the extract of these plants in skin care products brings natural beauty and, in addition to its protective, restorative and nourishing properties, helps to keep the skin fresh and healthy.

Marine plants have a significant effect in promoting skin health and delaying the aging process. Following the research conducted on the properties of marine plants in recent years, public acceptance of products containing the extracts of these plants has increased significantly.

Therefore, Pars Hayan Pharmaceutical Company, with more than 30 years of brilliant experience in the field of production and supply of health and cosmetic products, in cooperation with the French Biotech Marine Laboratory (Biotech Marine) in order to respond to all skin needs and problems, for the first time in Iran It has innovated and designed products with the origin of life-giving and relaxing marine plants, under the Bio Marine brand and with the slogan “Experience a new lifestyle”.

Bio Marine products are made from seaweed extract using the most advanced production and formulation methods. The purpose of this brand is to recommend a new lifestyle to consumers of cosmetics and health products so that they can have beautiful and fresh skin by using these products along with exercise and healthy nutrition.

Bio Marine includes various products for home and salon use, such as exfoliating, brightening, regenerating, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and hydrating, cleansing, sunscreen, etc. products.

By providing educational services, such as holding specialized beauty courses, including skin physiology classes, massage, facial yoga, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as rejuvenation workshops, hydration, microdermabrasion, etc., seeking new lifestyle advice, on the endless road of quality.

Dear consumers, Bio Marine is an Iranian brand whose raw materials are imported from France and its efficiency has been matched with the standards of the French Biotech Marine company. Its target customers are cosmetics stores, pharmacies and beauty salons, so that Bio Marine products can reach you dear consumers to experience a new lifestyle.